Friday, 13 February 2015

Best Writing Tips on Twitter

Here is a list of the best writing tips I came across:

Bad boy characters are attractive because the unobtainable, scary, dangerous person is exciting, and it creates conflict

Quirks, foibles and phobias are quick ways to create empathy and identification with your MC e.g Indiana Jones’s fear of snakes

Ending every chapter with a cliffhanger can become monotonous.

‘However’ is a conjunctive adverb and therefore requires a semi-colon before it and a comma after

Tell everything in detail. You can always go back to delete them. :-)

It's all about the story. When deciding what to cut, ask yourself: does it serve the story?

"A character is someone who wants something. Because...a person is someone who wants something."

It's your story. Own it. Write it. Stay away from those who don't believe in your dreams.

Flash fiction will improve your writing in more ways than one.

In genre fiction, too little use of description is as bad as too much. Draw the reader in but don‘t unnecessarily slow the pace

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