Monday, 23 February 2015

Friday Flash

Recently an author made me aware of Friday Flashes...below is the information from their site. The link to Friday Flash is on the right hand side under the "Interesting Links" tab as well as below the copied information.

Call for Article Submissions

We here at Friday Flash Dot Org are both proud and honored to be a part of the #FridayFlash community.
We have grown quite a bit since I started a little experiment on Twitter to explore how social media might be used to help writers develop their online presence via the little hashtag, #FridayFlash. The response has been tremendous, with hundreds of people participating over the three plus years we’ve been doing this, many on a regular basis. Since its inception on May 29th of 2009 we have gone on to expand to FacebookGoogle Plus, and launched this website. The goal of all these efforts is to help you develop a bit of a following in order to expand your base, while encouraging you to continue to develop your voice and skills as a writer. Toward that end we attempt to provide you with with relevant and worthwhile content on a weekly basis with the Friday Flash Report, the News Flash, and one writing related article each Thursday.
Estrella has been doing a bang up job as our Editor keeping this site fresh and alive week in and week out. However, in order for her to continue to bring you fresh content each week we need contributors to fill the bill. While we have wonderful contributors, both regular and periodic, who share their thoughts with you on a continuing basis we are beginning to feel the pinch for fresh content. Some of our contributing writers have had changes in circumstance, myself included, which prevent them from posting on a regular basis. As a result the number of articles available to fill the editorial calendar is dwindling, and we may not be able to continue to supply fresh content each week without your help.
While this presents us with an editorial challenge, it provides you with a bit of an opportunity.
If you are a current or former member of the Friday Flash community, and you would like to help contribute to the cause, please consider contributing an article or two for our Thursday feature post. We will consider any nonfiction writing related piece that is original, thoughtful, and well written.
Some of the topics we will consider include, but are not limited to:
  • General writing tips
  • Challenges presented by your current writing project, and how you overcame them
  • Reviews on writer’s workshops or conferences you’ve attended
  • Your personal writing environment – how you make it work
  • Reviews of books on the craft of writing that you have read — what advice worked, what did you find lacking
  • Articles about stories, authors, characters, or settings who have inspired or influenced your work
  • Success stories – thoughts on your first sale, NaNoWriMo, how you got published or landed an agent, your journey as an indie author
We cannot pay you except via your name on the byline, your bio in the footer, and our eternal gratitude.
If you are interested in contributing to Friday Flalsh Dot Org with an article on writing related topics please contact Estrella or me via email or a Twitter DM and we will give it every consideration as a potential article in one of the upcoming Thursday slots.  
Thanks, and keep on writing.

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