Saturday, 14 February 2015

Review: Uncommon Effort (Blog/Website)

 The Uncommon Effort is a site dedicated to business and the success thereof. Effective, practical advice and insights dominate the sight, never losing the singular focus of business and improving the success of those involved in business.
The topics are fresh, frank and engaging and one leaves this site feeling well educated and a bit wiser. Certainly the Uncommon Effort is a treasure trove for businessmen and entrepreneurs, but as my reader you may be wondering what a review of this site is doing on an author blog. Would it not be better suited to be reviewed by an entrepreneur? 
Let me put this question to you: What are authors, especially indie authors other than entrepreneurs? Even if you are not an independent author this site will prove to be of some value to you. Practical tips on how to increase productivity and time management can be found on this site. These tips are invaluable not only to authors, but to any individual seeking to increase their productivity whether at work or at home. 
I give this site a huge thumbs up. The sober, unpretentious approach of the Uncommon Effort is something we all can learn from. Sharing freely for the sole purpose of helping. 

You can the link to site under the "Interesting Links" tab to the right or you can connect with them on Facebook, LikedIn and Twitter.

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